Guidelines for Assistance:


Kimberly's Touch do not accept applications or requests for assistance from individuals.


Kimberly's Touch team is working hand-in-hand with social workers in Wake, Durham, Orange,  counties for all referrals. If you or a loved one are experiencing  financial hardship while actively receiving treatment for cancer, we encourage you to speak  with your assigned social worker. They have access to numerous resources, including the Kimberly's Touch, to help you address challenging expenses.

Contact Us:


Phone: 919-438-0674

  • Funds are limited and based on availability.

  • Available on a First come, first served, basis.

  • Patients that are actively being treated for cancer are eligible.

  • No cash provided directly to the patient. Bills need to be submitted to a member with an application. Bill will be paid by member and receipts will be mailed or emailed to you and a copy will be placed in your file.

  • Assistance caps:

    • Up to $300.00 for rent

    • Up to $150.00 for electricity

    • Up to $100 for food

    • Up to $50 for co-pays

    • Up to $50 for medicine