Vincent Bartee Sr.                   (Poppy) 6/29/1946-6/30/2018

This guy here is Poppy. He was a patient at the cancer center. He was a joy to be around. He didn't allow cancer to take his humor or personality. The first day we met it was crazy. I go out to the lobby to get him for his first infusion. When I called, his named Vincent Bartee,  his response was,"I'm not going." My response, you wanna bet, you came this far and we aren't giving up now. Mind you this was our first encounter. I never met him til that day.

From that day we bonded. I was his smurf. He went to Detroit to Motown and when he came back he bought me a dozen bags of gummy smurf candy. After, that his son Sean Bartee sent a box of the same candy. I shared with some of the patients and of course with my grands. This man had a heart of Gold. He would come in loud with a big smile and his red dress shoes that he is wearing in the picture. He got real clean and stylish to come get his chemo. The short time we had together you would had thought we knew each other for years. His beautiful wife, daughter and son embraced me as if I was a Bartee. Til this day I text and check on his daughter regularly. We are sisters from another mother but from the same God.

Poppy, will be very happy for me. I can hear him now. Smurf, you keep your head up and don't give up no matter what it look like. Those were the same words I would tell him after his visit with his oncologist. He fought a good fight. I was there on his birthday last year the day before he passed. It amazes me how he knew I was present in his home by my voice. His eyes were already glassy and glazed he was slipping away, but not before he called me smurf one more time. I thank God for allowing me to have met so many wonderful people in what we see as a horrible time of their lives. Steph Bartee, I love you sis thanks for sharing your dad.

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