Nancy Boykin


Kim has touched our lives in many ways. When she met us, she assured us that the team in Pod B was there to help us and if mom needed anything, to just let her know. Kim is a cancer survivor herself and shared her story with us. Her positive outlook, determination and care helped all of us as mom received her treatments. My sister, Carol went with mom to almost all of her appointments. Kim always greeted them to check and see how mom was doing. I was not able to go as often but Kim always remembered me. She always asked about the other sister when the three of us were not able to be there together Mom had an allergic reaction during one of her treatments and Kim helped get her the assistance she needed, when she was admitted to the hospital. Her care did not stop there. She called to check on mom, sent a card with the staff when mom passed away, and has checked on us from time to time. Kim has been a blessing to our family and we are very appreciative to have had her love, care and support. 


Thank you again, Carol and Tammy