Michael Robinson (Graphic Designer)


My graphic designer TheNew MikeRob is a fighter. He is fighting his own illness and he has a great heart. He doesn't allow his illness to Stand in the way of his hustle.
You never know what a person is going through. He looks healthy on the outside but what about the inside.
We met 3 years ago in the Cancer center, yes he is a patient but that doesn't define him. He goes to school full-time and do things on the side to make ends meet. Graphic designer is his major so don't over look him because he has gifted hands.
He will work, he has had numerous interviews but when he inform them of his health the opportunity is out the window. People no one wants to be sick. He doesn’t ask for handouts, he wants to work. My friend my brother from another I appreciate you.
I would like to thank his wife LaSha Davis Robinson also, She’s awesome.
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