Maria Ariza

People come into our lives with a purpose. Some are seasonal and some are forever. At the end, God is the only one that knows why. I met Mrs. Washington during my chemo therapy treatment back in the beginning of 2016. This was a time during one of the toughest and roughest experiences of this journey. I had days I didn't want to get up, get out the house, or even imagine being there. It was painful, uncomfortable and worrisome for me(fear of my Ileostomy bag bursting in the middle of treatment which was very frequent). 

However when I gathered the courage to go,  on my arrival as soon as I saw Kimberly my mood changed. She put a smile on my face, always gave me the assurance "this too shall pass and I will defeat cancer". We became friends, she understood what I was experiencing. She had her personal experience with this illness which made our bond that much stronger. She lived it herself, therefore she had the sympathy, understanding and humanity we need so much. 

I am sure that she has touched hundreds of patients. But she has touched my life in so many different ways, the most important being that emotional and spiritual support. Focusing my faith, feelings and emotions in God our father. Getting up every time i getting knocked down and believing in myself. As patients, we need that light into such a gloomy and dark journey. Kim is that fresh breath of air, that light in the dark which helps to alleviate to a certain extent the pain and fight we are experiencing. I thank God for placing her i my life, this is her calling. We need more people like her in this world. 

Maria Ariza